Monday, April 28, 2014

New Forest High Mountain Two Band 2402

Another great all rounder for use with soaps and creams and for face or bowl lathering. The brush has a firm backbone and soft tips. The polyester resin handles are shaped by hand tools on a lathe. The 24mm knot has a loft of 52mm and the alternative ivory handle is 50mm high.

The price of this brush is £46 including worldwide shipping.

To order use the link below:


  1. The three brushes Tubby 1, 2403, and 2402 seem to have the same 24mm knot, each with a 52mm loft. Does this mean they will all perform the same, and differ only in the shape of the handle? Thanks!

  2. Crisis! The 2402 or the 2403? And don't say both, Peter.....

  3. The 2403 handle is 10mm or 20% taller than the 2402 and the 2204. Another factor?