Sunday, October 12, 2014


We make our handles the traditional way - each one is shaped by hand tools on a lathe and polished by hand. Any small irregularity, unevenness or minimal marks are not a manufacturing defect but an assurance that this is a genuine handmade product. Any brush handles that we are not happy with are treated as seconds and will appear as special offers from time to time at a substantial discount.

All our handles are made from high quality and durable cast polyester resin rods. The alternative ivory we use has a very natural looking grain.


  1. Fido,

    I have looked at older versions of your brushes with the New Forest logo engraved on the handles. Why the change to the stickers? And is there any chance you will bring back the engraved versions? I am in the market for a new shaving brush perhaps under $40 or so.


    1. The old logo was added to the brushes I originally had made in China. When we started production here in the New Forest I decided I couldn't justify the cost of a pad printing machine or getting them printed by another company which required large production runs. Stickers cost just a few pence each and can be added easily to each completed handle. I don't plan to change again. I'll get more complaints!