Tuesday, March 3, 2015


This is the website of New Forest Brushes, established by Fido, a shaving enthusiast and blogger, publisher of Fido's Shaving Blog and Fido's Shaving Brush Blog.

Brush heads are made by hand to our specification in China, handles are shaped individually by hand tools on a lathe in the New Forest using high quality polyester resin rods supplied in Hampshire, decal logos made in Lymington are added and the brushes are sold directly to customers. Very low overheads enable prices to be set well below those of brushes of comparable quality.

The brushes currently available are described below.

General enquiries - email:    nfbrushes@yahoo.com


To order a brush (except special offers) send payment by paypal using the link provided.

Before ordering a brush on special offer, email nfbrushes@yahoo.com to confirm availability.

New Forest High Mountain Two Band 2001

These brushes are individually turned on a lathe and shaped by hand in the New Forest in high quality alternative ivory. The brush has good backbone and soft tips. It has a 20mm knot with a loft of 48mm and a handle height of 45mm and 31mm diameter.

Price £21 including worldwide delivery.To order, use the link below:

New Forest High Mountain two band 2204

 This brush has a firm backbone and soft tips much favoured by shavers who like to face lather with soaps. The soft tips make it very comfortable on the face when used with circular scrubby motions. It's also fine with creams for face or bowl lathering.

 The knot is 22mm, with a loft of 50mm. The alternative ivory handle height is 50mm with a diameter of 34mm.

The price is £37 including worldwide delivery. To order, use the link below

Sunday, October 12, 2014

New Forest Finest Silvertip 2213

This brush has a 22 mm Finest Silvertip knot with a loft of 50 mm in an ivory alternative handle 50 mm high and a 34 mm diameter.  Finest Silvertip  has had short and twisted hairs removed and makes a superb all rounder suitable for use with soaps and creams.

The price is £37 including free worldwide shipping. To order, use the link below: